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YNAB after 4 months

Four Month Update
We have been using YNAB for a little over 4 months now, I won't lie and say we are rolling in the dough and that using this software has made us all of a sudden have a ton of money in the bank. What I can say though is that we: Have a more solid plan to pay down our credit cards and have paid down more than $2,000 in credit card debt between the 3 cards (half that on one card alone).Paid a huge (un)expected electric bill ($400 extra). Were able to budget for a little under $450 in dental bills for the kids (in about 6 weeks time) and will continue adding to that budget category so we will have the money for their next appointments in 6 months.Started putting money in our Christmas gifts category which gave us a short time to budget for this expected expense that comes up every year.Have been able to tithe. Have a better understanding of where our money is going each month.All this without going into the overdraft since we started in July.
YNAB Reports Now that we …

Local Fashion Show of the Season

Sarah Jakubiec of LoSa Chic Boutique & Megan Propp of Pulse Apparel here in Yorkton, hosted an amazing fundraising event last evening....the cause? October is cancer awareness month and all the proceeds went to the Canadian Cancer Society and a precious little girl named Serenity who is fighting this battle. How cool is that when local businesses get together and come up with such a fantastic plan to help lighten the load for families!? Hats off to both of you and everyone who participated with this event!

Roughly 50+ ladies gathered in a shop on Broadway (next to LoSa) for a night of fun, food, & a fashion show! The models strut their stuff on the "catwalk" featuring attire from both stores. Raffles and a silent auction also played a part in helping Serenity and her family out with various expenses that come with treatment and travelling.

The theme for the evening was Business Casual & Casual. The outfits were tasteful and sophisticated...flower prints, faux leath…

Trim Tuesday Talks - Cold Weather Hot Drinks

I'm not a fan of cold weather or those crazy white flakes that fall from the sky...but, I am a huge fan of the cliche boots, scarves, vests, & hot drinks. I'm a Pumpkin Spice Latte kinda girl. Yup, I'm one of the fanatics. But really, just a cuppa jo puts a smile on my face!

What I don't like...high sugar, high carbs, & high price. $6 for a latte is definitely not my cuppa Trim Healthy Mama to the rescue. Again and Again!
Today, after a weekend of eating traditional Thanksgiving yumminess, {Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!} the gut pains are real and no fun. Today is a day of deep S & FP meals, drinks and snacks. Also, chugging back that water will help. 
I skipped on over to page 464 of the new Trim Healthy Table Cookbook and you'll find the Frothy Hot Mocha. YUMMO! Is my review. So easy and hits the spot. I used half a scoop of chocolate protein powder, 2 Super Sweet Blend packets, & a splash of MCT oil topped with whipping c…

The Electric Bill (follow up)

Just a quick follow up to the electric bill that came up last month. As of October 20th (today) the full amount of the Septembers bill has been paid (over $420).
Now mind you Octobers bill has not been fully paid ($181) yet; but taking care of the large bill that was due at the end of September was the main priority so we did not go more then 30 days overdue as they generally don't like it if you do and if we got to that point where we were 60 days overdue I would have to contact them to schedule payments so they knew we were trying to recover from being behind and when to expect the payments so they wouldn't have to threaten us with cutting our power.

Settle up month and (un)expected expense

I don't know if all utility companies do this but for our electric and energy bill we can do equalized payments. This means as one would guess we will pay the same every month regardless of usage. Yes this means that we will overpay some months and underpay others but at least we know how much to budget for each month.
Well our first expected but unexpected expense has come. On the anniversary date of signing up for equalized payments becomes your Settle up month. If you have a credit for the year then your bill goes down and you usually have some form of credit towards your next bill(s) but if you overuse then they raise your bill and expect you to pay the difference. I knew that this was coming and that we were going to have a bigger bill but I couldn't remember which specific month it was and it turned out to be September's bill (I now have this tracked in YNAB. We ended up having our monthly bill go up by $14 which isn't bad but its the extra $260 plus the usage …

Opening Night for Stars for Saskatchewan - Leisa Way & The Wayward Wind Band

I had the privilege of watching my very first concert hosted by the Yorkton Arts Council. (Thank you Brenda!!!) As a mama to six children, a night out to enjoy a passion of mine was truly a blessing!

 The Yorkton Arts Council's mission statement is to "... provide(s) opportunities to engage in the arts through inspiration, education and entertainment." And that they did. The show tonight thrilled, educated and entertained the crowd!

Stars for Saskatchewan has an amazing line up this 2017-2018 year & I am looking forward to attending them all! Go check out them out and buy your tickets! ;)

Leisa Way & The Wayward Wind Band wowed the crowd tonight at the Anne Portnuff Theatre with their 'Oh Canada, We Sing for Thee'! Canadian Tour 2017. They have 28 shows planned from coast to coast. I'm glad Yorkton made that list! These beautiful, talented musicians and singers made us all proud to be Canadian. Tasteful humor in between songs had the crowd laughing out l…

Trim Tuesday Talks - Let's talk white bread!

Page 242 is a game changer. Low Carb bread has been revolutionized by the Trim Healthy Mama sisters!
What am I talking about? Wonderful White Blender Bread! WWBB as you'll see it floating around the world wide web.
I was definitely skeptical trying out this new recipe found on page 242 of the new cookbook Trim Healthy Table. I've had some blunders in the kitchen with low carb recipes....although I am definitely getting the hang of it now!! Really, when I started THM back in '13 I really hated trying to make a low carb anything work....bread, cookies, cakes...but now?? As long as the budget allows, I LOVE BAKING THIS STUFF! {sweets, breads, etc}
This WWBB stayed fresh in my fridge for 5 days, yes 5, without lasted that long because 1. it was only me eating it....sorry not sharing! and 2. I wanted to have enough to last me the week for quick breakfast options and lunches!
I used this bread for toast with eggs, grilled cheese sandwich, toast with peanut butter for a …

Trim Tuesday Talks...NSI

Good Morning!

Today I am back with another Trim Healthy Mama blurb! I am a mama who is trying to run a large household. If you've read our previous posts on budgeting, you'll understand the need for this article. Today I am talkin' to you about NSI. No Special Ingredients while on Trim Healthy Mama.

If you want some more in depth FAQ's about THM, go here. They answer some all too familiar questions regarding this lifestyle change.

NSI are super helpful in this way of eating. It's true that there are some ingredients that come in handy - Glucomannan, Stevia - but those are things that last a long time and are beneficial to some of the recipes.

Oats - we go through a lot of oats/oatmeal. Porridge is a great breakfast (E) that we add egg whites to for added protein. Topped with berries, apples, yogurt...quick and easy breakfast that satisfies the family.

Eggs - eggs are a beautiful S (satisfying) They do in a pinch, and are great for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and yes, s…

Trim Healthy Mama Mini Review - I'm a lifer!

Good Morning!

Many years 2013. I found a book titled, "Trim Healthy Mama". You can find it here. {side note* they just released their 3rd cookbook! And although I have yet to purchase the brand new copy, I have editions 1 & 2 and I'm still finding new recipes to try everyday! Thank you Serene and Pearl!} I was hooked. It was a lifestyle change in the way I looked at food, and taught me a new way of eating. In that first few months, I lost 45 pounds! 45!! I eventually fell off the wagon, but still had my new found knowledge sitting subconsciously in every food choice that I made. Fast forward 4 years and 2 additional babies (We have 6!), I have dived right back in with the Trim Healthy Mama world.

There are tons of low carb, low sugar recipe bloggers out there. I find recipes from all over the blog-a-sphere to help me along my journey of becoming a healthier me. Throughout my entire learning curve I am staying away from processed and refined foods. It's n…

My New Found Love of Mornings....

I am rather enjoying my 6 a.m. mornings. Sometimes even earlier as my body thinks 4 or 5 a.m. is also a good time to wake up. Those mornings I do lay back down and pray to sleep for a little longer. People used to tell me insomnia would catch up with me...or drinking coffee at 9 p.m. would affect my sleep pattern. I didn't believe them. I understand their logic now.

My insomnia is manageable. I've heard worse cases than mine. For the most part it's due to distraction. Social media, my teenagers, my middles, my baby, budgeting, mom guilt...then there are the never ending questions... did I set the coffee maker? Is the door locked? What time do I need to be somewhere tomorrow? E.T.C. ugh.*

I've been terrible at putting those things to rest with prayer. Prayer should be the first thing that comes naturally, but I'm human. And I definitely don't put God first in some cases, & I should.

Anyway, lately I've promised myself to start spending the hour before mu…

One month on YNAB (well actually 6 weeks)

So it's now been over a month (closer to six weeks actually) that we have been using the YNAB method. Our second pay period since starting this has come and I'm happy to report the day before payday we were still in the positive. Admittedly we had about $100 less in our account then we did the day before the previous payday, but we had done some school shopping that previously we hadn't done and used up the money in that category. But a previous plan changed.
My wife was planning to go visit some family on the weekend and originally was going to go out on Wednesday but since payday was on Thursday she decided she was going to wait until then so she could pick up some groceries and a few other things prior to going out. We were talking Wednesday after work and she was really wanting to go that night so we took a look at what she wanted to buy and how much was left in the budget. The grocery budget only had about $3 left but we had various other categories that still had mo…

Do you need a budget? - Real Life Review (Part Two)

The YNAB Method This is Part Two of our Real Life Review and as promised in this post I will go into more detail on the YNAB method of budgeting and their 4 rules.
If you missed Part One you can read it here. Rule 1 Give Every Dollar A Job As the rule states you take the money you have on hand and you assign the money to different categories (think digital envelopes). When you first load up the page you will have a default set of categories which you can leave alone if you want but you can also create your own and organize them how you want. I did the setup of any categories I figured we would need and used the envelope names my wife had written down. 
I got our accounts synced up with YNAB which was fairly easy process and then using Rule 1 I took the money that we currently had in the bank, checked any bills that hadn't come out yet and assigned money to the bills to budget those and then after those were budgeted I started to allocate the money into things like groceries, schoo…

My Detox Face Mask Review

Disclaimer: I am not a representative of the Arbonne company. I was not compensated for my review. This is a product that I purchased on my own. This is just my honest review of this mask. 
So back in July I had a GREAT turn out at a Flip Flops & Foot Spa Arbonne party {thank you Heather for being my consultant but also my beautiful friend!!}....never heard of Arbonne? Click here. {This is my consultant & friends link} Their motto is Pure, Safe, & Beneficial. Meaning NO CRAP in the products...any of them. They have so many lines, it's great for everyone in your household. I love it. I really do enjoy all of their products that I have tried....and that is A LOT! 
This particular product is the Rescue & Renew Detox Face Mask. As a first time detox face mask user, all in all I think it went over well. I think my brain was expecting a grapefruit smell, as was the smell of some of the other products in this same line. It didn't really have a distinguished smell at …