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Do you need a budget? - Real Life Review (Part Two)

The YNAB Method This is Part Two of our Real Life Review and as promised in this post I will go into more detail on the YNAB method of budgeting and their 4 rules.
If you missed Part One you can read it here. Rule 1 Give Every Dollar A Job As the rule states you take the money you have on hand and you assign the money to different categories (think digital envelopes). When you first load up the page you will have a default set of categories which you can leave alone if you want but you can also create your own and organize them how you want. I did the setup of any categories I figured we would need and used the envelope names my wife had written down. 
I got our accounts synced up with YNAB which was fairly easy process and then using Rule 1 I took the money that we currently had in the bank, checked any bills that hadn't come out yet and assigned money to the bills to budget those and then after those were budgeted I started to allocate the money into things like groceries, schoo…

My Detox Face Mask Review

Disclaimer: I am not a representative of the Arbonne company. I was not compensated for my review. This is a product that I purchased on my own. This is just my honest review of this mask. 
So back in July I had a GREAT turn out at a Flip Flops & Foot Spa Arbonne party {thank you Heather for being my consultant but also my beautiful friend!!}....never heard of Arbonne? Click here. {This is my consultant & friends link} Their motto is Pure, Safe, & Beneficial. Meaning NO CRAP in the products...any of them. They have so many lines, it's great for everyone in your household. I love it. I really do enjoy all of their products that I have tried....and that is A LOT! 
This particular product is the Rescue & Renew Detox Face Mask. As a first time detox face mask user, all in all I think it went over well. I think my brain was expecting a grapefruit smell, as was the smell of some of the other products in this same line. It didn't really have a distinguished smell at …

Do you need a budget? - Real Life Review (Part One)

Do you really need a budget? My wife and I have been married for almost 14 years and for those 14 years we have lived paycheck to paycheck. Overdraft has been an all too familiar friend over the last few years. It was nothing for us to get paid and be ending up in the overdraft before the weekend was out. Regardless of what I make, we were just spending money without much thought into where it was going. As long as we didn't max out our overdraft we were good, we weren't treating $0 as being the stopping point of spending.

My wife and I have tried to budget in the past... well at least in theory. We'd sit down and crunch numbers, and figure out how much was left for things like groceries, gas, savings, etc. It always looked great on paper, like we should have enough to cover everything and have money left over. However, arguments would ensue as we couldn't come up with why this was such a difficult to task to control our spending. Money is one of the leading causes o…

Family Camp with Six Munchkins....

So this past weekend we spent our time at Madge Lake Bible Camp, Saskatchewan. Now, our children are spread out in age -->14, 12, 9, 6, 2, & 3 months. We had a great weekend. The speaker, the food, the lodging, and the new friends we made were all amazing! 

One thing that camping {glamping?} with six kids taught me...pack more than needed. Snacks, clothes, towels...Chris had the Rav packed with all additional gear {bedding, suitcases, etc} I had the van packed with stroller, diapers, kids, snacks, and carry-on backpacks for each child with their swimsuits and a towel. Which was great...but Chris arrived at the camp 10 hours after I did! 

We love this camp, as it holds a special place in our hearts and minds. Some of our kids have been attending for 8 years. Chris and I believe that investing in our children's life through a Christian camp will make an impact on their years growing up. 

The speaker this year is Brad Klassen from Steinbach, MB. His Little Bear stories were great…

No Thank You Evil

So I haven't played this with the kids (now 9 and almost 7)in a long time. Went on to try a couple other systems to no luck. Kids found the book when was looking for something else in my RPG bookshelf and started asking if they could make characters again just for fun. 
I said sure but this time I'm not helping and I asked my 9 year old to read the rules for himself and figure out how to do it. So he did just that, he would ask me questions and I told him to read the rules. If he truly got stuck on some part I helped him out but he made his robot and helped his younger sister make her princess. After a couple of busier days we finally got to play tonight. My daughter had one of those toys that go on your fingers and you say the number and open and close it that many timed and repeat it a couple of times to reveal something under it. I got a silly one that beavers had invaded the public library.
So enter Storia through Behind the Bookshelf and they headed to the library and m…


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