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Family Camp with Six Munchkins....

So this past weekend we spent our time at Madge Lake Bible Camp, Saskatchewan. Now, our children are spread out in age -->14, 12, 9, 6, 2, & 3 months. We had a great weekend. The speaker, the food, the lodging, and the new friends we made were all amazing! 

One thing that camping {glamping?} with six kids taught me...pack more than needed. Snacks, clothes, towels...Chris had the Rav packed with all additional gear {bedding, suitcases, etc} I had the van packed with stroller, diapers, kids, snacks, and carry-on backpacks for each child with their swimsuits and a towel. Which was great...but Chris arrived at the camp 10 hours after I did! 

We love this camp, as it holds a special place in our hearts and minds. Some of our kids have been attending for 8 years. Chris and I believe that investing in our children's life through a Christian camp will make an impact on their years growing up. 

The speaker this year is Brad Klassen from Steinbach, MB. His Little Bear stories were great analogies of who God our Father is. But what struck Chris and I, was his second message on the Saturday morning (we missed out on the first evening due to getting unpacked into our cabin & super tired little munchkins). As we sat down to listen to his message the first words out of his mouth were to Trust God. At first, it was a duh moment...but it really sank in that this next step in our budgeting adventure (see post on Do you need a budget?) we need to be trusting God with everything --> family, finances, food, fuel, get the picture! Brad's whole weekend message was laid out with 4 P's --> Plans, Promises, Provisions, & Patience <-- Trust God with the 4 P's....

Now that we are back to the real world...hello Mountain Top experience anyone? We struggle with praying together, and we need to remind each other to take the time to pray as a family, but also as a husband and wife. We are trusting that God has our plans already laid out, and only in His perfect timing.

Peace be with you...{John 20:21}



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