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No Thank You Evil

So I haven't played this with the kids (now 9 and almost 7)in a long time. Went on to try a couple other systems to no luck. Kids found the book when was looking for something else in my RPG bookshelf and started asking if they could make characters again just for fun. 

I said sure but this time I'm not helping and I asked my 9 year old to read the rules for himself and figure out how to do it. So he did just that, he would ask me questions and I told him to read the rules. If he truly got stuck on some part I helped him out but he made his robot and helped his younger sister make her princess. After a couple of busier days we finally got to play tonight.
My daughter had one of those toys that go on your fingers and you say the number and open and close it that many timed and repeat it a couple of times to reveal something under it. I got a silly one that beavers had invaded the public library.

So enter Storia through Behind the Bookshelf and they headed to the library and met Little Miss Margaret outside, a short 4 foot human lady with exceptional hearing, she is the head librarian after all and she heard them coming a day away. She tells them the issue which got a couple of chuckles when they realized what I did. I own one of those foldable Pathfinder-Flip-Mat (affiliate link) and I drew the entrance.

Yes beavers had invaded the library. Once they decided to go in, My daughter says, "I say hi" which Little Miss Margaret promptly says, "shhhh" and laughter ensued. After drawing the rest of the map so they could see where everything was, I placed miniatures down representing the "beavers", it took them a few times to remember them as being beavers, not a snake, or rats, or fire, etc. Well they decided to take out the beavers, no talking to them or anything they attacked. My daughter had some issues deciding what she wanted to do, she needed a little coaxing and both myself and my son gave her some suggestions. When they got down to 3 I had a few more come out of a hole in the wall where they combined together to form Beavertron. Yes you heard right.

Oh and Little Miss Margaret wasn't so little, she touched a amulet around her neck a big suit of power armor formed around her and she only took up the chest part (which was clear) where you could see her pulling levers and stepping on pedals to control the suit. This caused the kids to laugh a little.

Of course they won the day which left them wanting more. My son continued to ask to play for next couple of days but always at the most inopportune times. I enjoy his enthusiasm and I hate saying not right now but he tends to have a one track mind sometimes and doesn't stop.

I hope to continue their chronicles and show their progress as we go. Until then if you would like more information on No Thank You Evil you can go here.


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