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My New Found Love of Mornings....

I am rather enjoying my 6 a.m. mornings. Sometimes even earlier as my body thinks 4 or 5 a.m. is also a good time to wake up. Those mornings I do lay back down and pray to sleep for a little longer. People used to tell me insomnia would catch up with me...or drinking coffee at 9 p.m. would affect my sleep pattern. I didn't believe them. I understand their logic now.

My insomnia is manageable. I've heard worse cases than mine. For the most part it's due to distraction. Social media, my teenagers, my middles, my baby, budgeting, mom guilt...then there are the never ending questions... did I set the coffee maker? Is the door locked? What time do I need to be somewhere tomorrow? E.T.C. ugh.*

I've been terrible at putting those things to rest with prayer. Prayer should be the first thing that comes naturally, but I'm human. And I definitely don't put God first in some cases, & I should.

Anyway, lately I've promised myself to start spending the hour before munchkins awake on myself and with God. Diving into His word has been my saving grace. I feel more alive when I have some mama time. Get dressed (sometimes pjs are acceptable), God's Word, make breakfast (for the kids on non-cereal days, & Trim Healthy Mama breakfast for myself), wake kids up & get 'em all out the door - on time, with everything they need for the day.

I notice a huge difference in my attitude when I don't have that hour first thing in the really does make a difference!

What does morning routines look like in your household? What works? What doesn't?

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