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Settle up month and (un)expected expense

I don't know if all utility companies do this but for our electric and energy bill we can do equalized payments. This means as one would guess we will pay the same every month regardless of usage. Yes this means that we will overpay some months and underpay others but at least we know how much to budget for each month.

Well our first expected but unexpected expense has come. On the anniversary date of signing up for equalized payments becomes your Settle up month. If you have a credit for the year then your bill goes down and you usually have some form of credit towards your next bill(s) but if you overuse then they raise your bill and expect you to pay the difference. I knew that this was coming and that we were going to have a bigger bill but I couldn't remember which specific month it was and it turned out to be September's bill (I now have this tracked in YNAB. We ended up having our monthly bill go up by $14 which isn't bad but its the extra $260 plus the usage for the month of about $160 for total of about $420 that became the bill due in September which is over $250 more then it was last month.

I realize it's not a lot and this one will be far more manageable. I'm not worried about it but I will also not stress over having it paid by due date and it will be middle of October before it's fully paid. With YNAB it made it easier to forecast and kind of plan ahead to see about paying it off. Without YNAB this would have been a worry spot and added stress about a bigger bill that has come up and how are we going to pay it on time.  

That's all for this installment.


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