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Trim Healthy Mama Mini Review - I'm a lifer!

Good Morning!

Many years 2013. I found a book titled, "Trim Healthy Mama". You can find it here. {side note* they just released their 3rd cookbook! And although I have yet to purchase the brand new copy, I have editions 1 & 2 and I'm still finding new recipes to try everyday! Thank you Serene and Pearl!} I was hooked. It was a lifestyle change in the way I looked at food, and taught me a new way of eating. In that first few months, I lost 45 pounds! 45!! I eventually fell off the wagon, but still had my new found knowledge sitting subconsciously in every food choice that I made. Fast forward 4 years and 2 additional babies (We have 6!), I have dived right back in with the Trim Healthy Mama world.

There are tons of low carb, low sugar recipe bloggers out there. I find recipes from all over the blog-a-sphere to help me along my journey of becoming a healthier me. Throughout my entire learning curve I am staying away from processed and refined foods. It's not easy, because who am I kidding? Sugar is in EVERYTHING! I have switched over quite a few of my foods (I say 'my' because I still am learning how to feed a picky family of 8, and you can't go wrong with a 25 lb bag of white flour for $11!)

The principle's behind THM are to keep your carbs and proteins together and your fats and proteins together but NEVER your carbs & fats....well, you can but that's another section altogether! This way of eating has made me feel so much better gut health wise. As soon as I eat something not on-plan I feel yucky & bloated. That is not how I want to feel! Benefits aside from weight loss? My skin has cleared up a bit from rosacea. I have more energy (when anxiety triggers don't hold me down), my clothes are fitting better, if not looser! I always look for the non-scale victories (NSV) before I let the number on the scale affect my mood.

I still have my days where I let my bad habits shine through...hello cinnamon bun or a chocolate bar. But I don't let that ruin my entire day. In 3 hours? Just start again! Food Freedom. It's all about food freedom.

One last plug for THM. Serene and Pearl have a podcast called The Poddy. If you can, give them a listen. They are wonderful people with beautiful hearts.

Cheers to a fresh start and a new way of eating...


  1. Your comment about food freedom made me think - you should follow @foodfreedombodylove on Insta! Jill is great and posts lots of awesome stuff!


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